Total Body Modification

TBM is member of the Applied Kinesiology (AK) family.  Dr. Frank was a close associate of George Goodhart, D.C., the father of AK, in AK’s earliest years. Dr. Frank, however, felt AK was becoming overly complex.  In the early 1970’s, Robert Riddler, D.C., another early associate of Dr. Goodhart, was developing Body Points to simplify the AK evaluation.  He borrowed from chiropractic’s Meric system to systematize corrections for the dysfunctions found through Body Point analysis.  Dr. Frank began utilizing Dr. Riddler’s technique with his patients and was pleased with many of the results, but found them to not always be consistent.  He, and his colleague Harold Havlic, D.C., began to innovate and TBM was born.

Along with further pioneering of Body Points, Dr. Frank introduced the use of test vials.  He had a background in radionics and began using a radionics machine to charge small ampoules of water with the electromagnetic signature of allergens, pathogens, and toxins.  He would then place the vial upon the sternum of his patients and perform an AK muscle test.  He interpreted a weakness to indicate a functional deficiency related to the particular substance he had charged into the vial. The TBM system of Harmonization was developed as a means to resolve that functional deficiency.  TBM Harmonization allows us to quickly assess our patients for sensitivities to foods, environmental substances and body tissue, as well as the ability to eliminate toxins and address infections.  Once a dysfunction is determined, correction, or Harmonization, can usually be achieved rapidly through contacting and correcting the appropriate Body Point.

Dr. Frank also introduced the first AK-based emotional work at the inaugural ICAK meeting in 1973.  He presented a technique he called Emotional Erase.  Through this technique, we are able to quickly assess a patient’s toxic emotions and, by gentle rubbing upon specific locations and in specific directions on the forehead, “erase” the toxic emotions.  The cycle of emotionally-based illness becomes free to unravel and sound emotional responses to life’s stressors restored.

Today is a good day to start ……….